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Selective backup of project files


The Project Inspector is an excellent tool for project management, and gives you great flexibility in which files you include as part of the project.

A drawback arises over backup when there are subdirectories of metadata files which are part of a project.

Lazarus faithfully creates a backup directory for all project files. For lots of metadata this is unnecessary, since the data does not change, and it just wastes disk space.

Although such backup directories can be deleted manually, I find they tend to reappear.

Is there any way to force the Lazarus backup system to distinguish between .pas, .lfm etc. files, and between say .txt, .dat and .hex files which do not require backing up, even though they are included as integral to the project (and usefully so, since e.g. publishing the project then includes them automatically)?

I never Backup my project is such a way. I use SVN and GIT for backup and controlling the sources for years. Earlier i use MSS (Microsoft Source Safe). And i backup only the whole svn or git server with tools from the server system (on other servers).

The great goal is, i can change my different PCs and work on more than one PC in sync. And i see if i have all files correct in the Source Controlling. loosing or crashing a PC is not fine, but i can only lost few hours of work, never the whole projects. And you can handle also binary data, if is not a lot, too.


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