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Some way to debug Win32 apps in DOS?


HX allows running Win32 apps in DOS, but they can't be debugged. Is there some way to do it? For example some integration with DOSBox? Or it can be done via DOS tools only, such as WD? Unfortunately TD32 isn't supported by HX and 32rtm doesn't allow DOS extender things, like accessing video memory - it's more like pure Win32 console emulator. And I'm isn't familiar to WD. Latest version doesn't work with HX, so some old one should be used.

Did you tried GDB on MS-DOS?  Never used it for FPC nor Win32 applications but should do the work.

Sounds like a question for Japeth, as we don't really actively distributed HX ever.

But the most logical solution would be to try to run a win32 version of gdb, and then have that load the application?

I however don't estimate your chances very high, probably HX doesn't support Win32 debugger api


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