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ANN: Eye-Candy Controls 0.9.58


New version of Eye Candy Controls is released. You can download it at SourceForge:

- TECSwitch: added LazMethodList to uses because of function CompareMethods which was moved there

See CHANGELOG.txt bundled in the *.zip for details.

This version was tested with:
Lazarus 2.3.0 (rev main-2_3-1131-g76f7524436) FPC 3.3.1 x86_64-linux-qt

P.S.: Future plans are still tweaks for hi-DPI desktop.

About high dpi. Bgracontrols has high dpi and retina support. Retina support made by circular. You can ask him if you have questions.

My XP with high-dpi on macOS. To support it, one must NOT render to the temporary bitmap (and copy this bmp to the Canvas in OnPaint). One must paint directly on the Canvas in OnPaint!

@lainz: I want to build a new PC with 4k display (I'd like HP U28) but don't know whether to wait for a new AM5 platform or to build AM4 machine (I don't want Intel). Even more, graphic cards are overpriced 'cause of mining/scalping.  So I stick with my old laptop which has no hi-dpi display.

Ok, I don't have 4k, only 1920x1080, my high dpi setting is only 125%, but enough to test high dpi applications.


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