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Are Linux distro packages broken or is the issue with Lazarus itself?

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I'm new here and to Lazarus. I noticed that most (if not all) distros install Lazarus on /usr/lib/lazarus, which doesn't allow me to make changes because of users permissions. So, if I want to make changes, I would need to start Lazarus as root, which is not a good idea.

So, my question is why do distros create the Lazarus package that way? Is this the only way to go, or is a Lazarus "flaw"? Any tips on how to fix this issue?

Thank you!

Distro packages are for "normal" users (who just want to program their own code and not develop Lazarus itself).
If you want to make changes to Lazarus yourself, then build Lazarus from source:
Get he source from git (main or 2.2.0)
Put it somewhere in your home directory (I use ~/devel/lazarus)
cd to the source directory
do a "make bigide" (or make bigide OPT="-gl" if you want to enable line info in Lazarus itself for easier debugging)
Use the startlazarus executable there to start the IDE.
First time you need to pint Lazarus to the fpc sources (and maybe to the compiler and make binaries).

Now you can change lazarus and simply rebuild.

Sounds complicated but is, even for a linux novie like me, rather simple and starigh forward.


Thanks for your reply. But how about installing new Lazarus packages. For example: or Those changes I cannot make too, right?

What's wrong with using the instructions in the Github link you've posted?


That's what I'm trying to get my head around. So, for "normal" development, I just use Lazarus as it is. But, if I want to make any change to Lazarus itself, then I invoke it as root and save the changes. After that, I go back to use Lazarus as a normal user. Am I right?


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