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Trying to get the PDFs via quite simply doesn't work using Firefox with no error dialog(u)e.

I've been complaining about this for months, and it increases the load on the FPC servers by forcing us to use the online docs.


@rvk: I was able to get FileZilla to work as you describe. Thanks for the link. (Note: The Mac App Store offers only FileZilla Pro, so I wasn't aware of the free alternative until I read your post.)


I think the issue is probably related to the major browsers dropping FTP support.

--- Quote ---The FTP protocol itself has been disabled by default since version 88 and now the time has come to end an era and discontinue the support for this outdated and insecure protocol — Firefox 90 will no longer support the FTP protocol.

If you are a Firefox user, you don’t have to do anything to benefit from this security advancement. As soon as your Firefox auto-updates to version 90, any attempt to launch an attack relying on the insecure FTP protocol will be rendered useless, because Firefox does not support FTP anymore.

--- End quote ---


@MarkMLl - Then the question is, should this site convert to SFTP?


--- Quote from: Mark92630 on April 14, 2022, 02:46:31 pm ---@MarkMLl - Then the question is, should this site convert to SFTP?

--- End quote ---
I don't think Chrome can/will do SFTP either.

The point is that on the links are to a ftp site.
When clicking it, Chrome does give a prompt to open it in another program, but it's better to just host those files on the https variant.
(or removing those ftp-links as actual link because they don't work anymore)


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