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Form.SendToBack do not works?


  if I try Form1.SendToBack it seems do not works.

The counterparts BringToFront seems works fine.

But I need "SendToBack".

Any help?


Awesome Programmer:
Well, we are going to bump this question all the way to the top... I need an answer to this... this is 2022...

Any idea...

Awesome Programmer:


--- Quote ---TControl.SendToBack

Moves all sibling controls in front of this control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1660

public procedure TControl.SendToBack;


Use SendToBack to move the control beneath all other sibling controls on the Parent. Only those portions of the control not covered by other controls will be visible.

Calls SetZOrder to move the position for the control on the z-axis (depth) to the maximum Integer value for the platform.

Use BringToFront to move a control to the top of the Z-axis on the Parent control.

Use SetChildZPosition in TWinControl to move a child control to a specific position on the Z-axis where 0 is the top and MaxInt is the bottom of the Z-order.
--- End quote ---

So what you want to achieve?
Use minimize and its not in front anymore  ::)


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