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Hello (Lazarus visual components) A long time ago I decided to make some components for a project. It uses BgraBitmap. It needs to be developed. Beautiful visual programs can be made. I will continue to improve as long as I am eligible. The link is below.

I write hobby code with Pascal, I love pascal language. I am never a professional, I have not received an education. I'm trying to learn something by myself.

If you have a talent for drawing pictures, very nice controls can occur.
Fully customizable. It's up to your imagination.
The components all derive from the (TcustomControl or TgraphicsControl) class. (Tedit included. inspired by lazarus customdrawn)

No package skins file creation and installation. (user can work with multiple skins. or can change package skins at runtime)
I'm trying to make skinsbuildier but I have a bit of a long way to go.
More controls should be added.

Why not to name the topic 'Onur's visual components'?

Hi, a screenshot would be nice!

I couldn't draw a good picture in a hurry. I guess I don't really have a talent for this.
I also made a small demo.


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