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[SOLVED] Dwarf in Lazarus 2.2.0?

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--- Quote from: Hopestation on April 05, 2022, 11:10:44 am ---This compared Dwarf to GDB and it appears that at present GDB may be better.
--- End quote ---

As someone who regularly debugs the compiler: FpDebug is definitely performing better there than GDB, especially on Windows.

Also DWARF has nothing to do with the decision whether you use GDB or not. DWARF is a debug format and it's the only format supported by FpDebug and one of multiple supported by GDB. And usually DWARF will be better with GDB as well than e.g. Stabs (which only exists for 32-bit systems anyway).

Thanks for all your replies.

From the linked thread:

Dwarf 2": this is the minimum. It has no advantages. E.g., it can not display watches for "set of". IMHO, no reason to use at all.

"Dwarf 2 with sets": Use this if:
 - you work with variants (not yet avail in dwarf 3, will be fixed at some point)
 - you need to often switch between the new FpDebug and the old GDB
    -> pro: GDB currently has the better disassembler, and gdb currently often has better stack WHILE your app is in the Win-Kernel
    -> contra: GDB occasionally crashes.

"Dwarf 3": Best setting, unless one of the above condition applies to you.

And because I can not reply to the other topic for whatever reason... please make the 'best' setting the default. As is now, the 'worst' option is selected by default...

Thank you for sharing that information I was a bit surprised and at a loos to know where to go with this one, had to Google it and eventually ended up here..

I introduced Lazarus to a friend recently, and I think given the wealth of contemporary choices, he might be showing himself distracted from using more of Lazarus by these sort of things happening with little or no explanation; unless you read right through changes logs and so on -- which I tend to do myself when I have time, having started back in pre-Windows DOS — compile your own linux.XWindows days :-)

Been thinking that it would be marvelous to incorporate either a Forum item id number to a permanent posting to search on come to for more information, or even a More Information live link, in these types of dialogue boxes throughout Lazarus linking either to the Forum website or an appropriate entry in a Lazarus help CHM ...?

Especially during actual IDE installation questions/issues — a live web link on choices and resolutions!


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