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Step by step to publish component on OPM

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I tried searching on google and on this forum on what are the steps to publish something on the Online Package Manager of Lazarus, but I couldn't find it.

Can someone please point me to a link or a document or something that lists the step-by-step process to do that? Thanks in advance

@Mobius1, did you had any success on publishing a package to the remote repository, I'll be interested for the documentation if you have any. I'm getting an error ... Cannot send file when trying to push my package.

Remy Lebeau:

OPM is not a wiki. First publish your code and if it has quality It may or may not be included. That is up to the OPM manager and done by hand.
If we can see a GIT or SVN repository and multiple members ( so not you) agree your code might end up in OPM.

Not all packages can be evaluated by the OPM maintainer and he is very careful for that reason.
Good luck. Show us the code.... If it is good enough you will get recommendations.. Actually quite simple...

All this is very freely written/formulated but comes close to how it is actually done.

add to Thaddys note:

And you must be willing to maintain your code, not published once and then forgotten. Maintaining means, you have to react on complaiments and make your code stable for a longer time. This is a lot of work.

So it can be go by some time before your code will be accepted by OPM.

And ... pushing my package to OPM ...  this is not a good pratice. You must say, i have my work working for month, give this and this addons to you. I this code for OPM or not. And if similar code is in OPM, the answer must be no.


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