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Lazarus 2.2.0 on MacOS trouble missing permissions when rebuilding


Rebuild of any project fails due to "Unable to delete file /Applications/Lazarus/components/freetype/lib/x86_64-darwin/easylazfreetype.o"

I can skip the message, whereafter x more messages like that are thrown by .o and .ppu files. I can skip all, and my project seems to build correctly.

Version: latest Lazarus 2.2.0/FPC3.3.0 fresh install in BigSur & Mojave, both have same problem.

Cause: obviously missing permissions to folder when a rebuild all attempts to recompile the LCL components.

The whole tree starting with /Applications has permissions _messagebus:RW, admin:R, everyone: R. Sure, I can change this, but should I? I did a clean install, why are those permissions mangled? Probably the components should be located somewhere else, where the user has R/W access?  Probably the components should never be recompiled at all?

A Known issue? Anything I missed?


See my topic a few below your topic:,58045.0.html


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