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Lazarus Vs Codetyphon

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I'd like to know why you chose to use Lazarus instead of codetyphon... Basically codetyphon is a fork of lazarus where we tried to break the compatibility between the two environments, but does this make sense to you?

Thanks in advance.

I tried Code Typhon and I really liked it. They really added many features I would like to have them in Lazarus. I don't need to mention what they are, you can download and try and you will know. But I choose Lazarus.

I found Code Typhon when there were discussions about their license issue. I wasn't good about how software license work so I thought I should not use Code Typhon. Not sure but I heard they have fix the license issue.

Lazarus has LAMW and OPM, they don't. A big yes for me to keep using Lazarus.

Lazarus/FPC official forum has a lot of activities, skilled and professional users. I really learned a lot of things simply reading the posts here. In Code Typhon forum, people there are very polite but they will ban users they dislike. I am not a fan of debate but I know oppositions and willing to hear what the others say often is a good thing.

Code Typhon installation file was huge, I didn't have good internet connection speed. That took me hours for download.

They do not have bug tracker, detailed release notes and version history. Those can be useful for some issues I may have when my code does not work as what I think it should be.

(Almost) all the things Code Typhon can do, I can do it in Lazarus. Docker interface, cross compiling, installing third party components, I have no problem doing those things in Lazarus.

CodeTyphon is a parasitic project. It is a fork of Lazarus, where they take lazarus and repackage it with their own software, components and services. But their own work is licensed under their custom license, which contains the following:

--- End quote ---
And later:

--- Quote ---You may make and distribute unlimited copies of the Software
outside Your organization provided that: 1) You receive
no consideration; and, 2) you do not bundle or combine the Software
with another offering (e.g., software, hardware, or service).
--- End quote ---

So they prohibit the exact same thing as they did with Lazarus. They leech of other peoples work while not providing any of their work to the projects they take from, thats why I call it parasitic.
It could be the best piece of software in the world, but I would not want to support any such behavior, so I will not use it, and highly advise anyone from using it.


--- Quote from: superc on March 22, 2022, 02:14:02 pm ---I'd like to know why you chose to use Lazarus instead of codetyphon...

--- End quote ---

Codetyphon project's practices and accountability are doubtful. Both from an legal/copyright status, but also an inability to simply monitor what happens within the project. It is a mere user community governed by an dictator with an iron hand

That is also the reason why it is unknown how much of a fork codetyphon really is (iow how much it still syncs with Lazarus).  I do notice recent progress wrt fpdebug being annotated in the most recent codetyphon release manifest, so some syncing is definitely going on.

I can install my own packages, so the benefits of codetyphon are not that interesting to me, and I fail to see the attraction

I used Codetyphon years ago and for me, the power of CT was the ability to compile bintools for different environments: I compiled from Linux for 64-bit windows. Another feature is that it had a lot of components already installed.
However, lazarus today has tools like OPM and FPCupDeluxe ...


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