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Running Lazarus Trunk on M1

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--- Quote ---I run the executable from the Terminal (open ./
--- End quote ---

It's enough to run "open". (Or maybe ./

@trev, I wish it was like Windows or at least Linux, way easier to work with console programs or while debugging and outputting. Is it not possible on mac, or is it simply a feature that is not made for now?

@DonAlfredo, thank you for the note! I think maybe fpcupdelux should check or warn for this, saving future users from similar troubles.

@DonAlfredo I tested your suggestion and now I have a working Trunk version, thank you! Although the debugger does not returns value, but it seems a bug with fpdebug or something alike that I asked.
- It maybe better to fpcupdelux installs LazDebuggerFpLLdb package and set the proper debugger for mac, just like the stable version:
- Still the error I mentioned for fpcupdeluxe-aarch64-darwin-cocoa remains. I can not run it in any way.


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