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Running Lazarus Trunk on M1

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I am trying to get Lazarus to work on M1 Mac. Got fpcupdeluxe-x86_64-darwin-cocoa and installed Trunk FPC and Lazarus, it seems fine, but when I run any empty application or program, it will freeze on the debugging mode. Meaning, an empty console will open, stop button enabled, and nothing else. I can not stop Lazarus, I can not close it, but it is not frozen. Only way I found is to log out.
Installed version: Lazarus 2.3.0 (rev main-2_3-1477-ga94312373c) FPC 3.3.1 x86_64-darwin-cocoa

It might be a fpcupdeluxe-x86_64-darwin-cocoa problem.

The Wiki has instructions for installing a non-release version of Lazarus and a non-release version  of FPC.

Alternatively, you can download my daily native aarch64 snapshots of Lazarus 2.3 and FPC 3.3.1 for the M1 Apple processor from my Sourceforge repo - instructions for installation are on that page. I have just tested the last builds of Lazarus 2.3 and FPC 3.3.1 and they work without issues on my M1 Mac mini.

Thank you very much.
Unfortunately I do not know very much, how to config the Lazarus with fpc.cfg and debugger and the rest, and at all in mac.
That was the reason I was using fpcupdelux.

The Wiki tells you how to configure the debugger - see [
Step 5: How to configure the Debugger in my Installing Lazarus on macOS Wiki article. Maybe that's your issue?

I moved it from fpcupdeluxe thread...


i dont think it is the same..

on that thread, if using m1 i use the fpcupdeluxe for m1

i use the fpcupdeluxe-x86_64-darwin-cocoa for intel macs

install into seperate folder or completely empty your othe folder.
I personally have SIP turned off

Shutdown your Mac, and then press and hold power button until you see Continue holding for startup options.
Click Options.
Select your administrator account, and enter password.
Click Utilities and start Terminal
In Terminal type
csrutil disable and hit enter.
Confirm with Y and hit enter. Enter password.
When you get confirmation type Reboot and hit enter.

To Enable change
csrutil disable to csrutil enable

Also make sure xcode is fully installed and commandlines tools is fully installed, lazarus should be using lldb and not gdb.
you must run xcode at least once to accept the license agreement. (very important after an upgrade of os/xcode)

Remember that a gui app; must really be run from an app Bundle; on mac save your project; go to project option and create DarwinApplication Bundle..


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