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How to rename default Form in Lazarus

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--- Quote from: howardpc on March 20, 2022, 10:17:33 pm ---I certainly think this is a bug, and thank you for coming up with an example which demonstrates it.
This should definitely help the Lazarus devs to identify where the Rename Identifier functionality is going astray.
Lazarus calls itself an *Integrated* Development Environment (IDE), and this is clearly an instance of that (usually beautiful) integration falling apart.

--- End quote ---

Well, I just checked here: and it says:

--- Quote ---Limits: It only works on pascal sources, does not yet rename files nor adapt lfm/lrs files nor lazdoc files.
--- End quote ---

So, components has to be renamed in Object inspector for now.

At least the "yet" in the wiki entry implies that this is a desired goal for Rename Identifier, as well as documenting that at present the lack of comprehensive renaming is an undesired limitation.
"Limitation" is more accommodating than "bug". Perhaps my earlier comment was too harsh. I did not realise that this was an acknowledged limitation.


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