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set bookmark menu disappeared

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here Laz 2.2.0, FPC 3.2.2, win 10pro

see picture , the popup menu is not showing anymore the set and goto bookmark!

in the picture on the left Laz 2.0.12 is ok, on the right laz 2.2.0 is not ok,

how to resume the old menu ?

thank you

Above Debug you have File Settings and then you have Goto Bookmark.
I don't know if it can be moved to first level in menu.

No, idea how it went into "file settings". But I am quite certain that was not intended. In other words: It's a bug.

Also not sure why the "set bookmark" disappeared.
But I have a feeling it's related to: and

You may either add a note to those reports, or open a new issue. I would open a new issue => at least for the part that the menu has moved into "file settings". And the add a note about the disappearance to the existing issue (the one that is still open).

In any case (new issue and/or add note), you should provide the following:
- Do you use the editor-toolbar?
  If yes, does your editor-toolbar have a button (drop down) for setting bookmarks? Or for goto bookmarks?
- Do you have any such button (drop down) for bookmarks in your "IDE cool-bar"?
   (I.e. in the main IDE-bar below the main-menu, where you have the load, save tool-buttons / and the run,step tool buttons)

Also, if any of the above questions gets a "yes", can you check the editor-popup-menu immediately after starting the IDE? (That is before you use any other menu, and before you use any other toobutton or drop-down)

Potential workaround:

Menu: Tools > Options > Editor > Keymap.

In the section "Text Bookmark commands" (For me that is the 9th section, after "folding"), find the entry "Goto Bookmark ...".
Assign a key-shortcut of your choice. (I am using ctrl-B)

Now you should be able to open the "set bookmark" menu via keyboard. (It will usually pop-up at the upper left corner of the current editor.

Hi Martin,

give me time to try what you suggest, what I have alredy done is shown in the attached picture

the situation is even worse, if I start Lazarus then click on the button in the toolbar (the button with drop down list of bookmark, I post previously) I see what is reproted in the picture. And Lazarus Crash.


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