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New "FpDebug: Only Dwarf supported" dialog in Lazarus 2.2.0


hi to all,

using lazarus 2.2.0

when i open a project build with 2.0.10 and open in 2.2.0 this is ok when I try to run it in 2.2.0 i get
"The project does not write in Dwarf format. The fpdebug internal Dwarf-debugger supports only Dwarf"

then i have 4 buttons:
enable Dwarf 2 with sets        Dwarf 2 (-gw)         Dwarf 3 (-gw3)        Cancel

Which button is the correct one ?


All three will work.

"Dwarf 2": this is the minimum. It has no advantages. E.g., it can not display watches for "set of". IMHO, no reason to use at all.

"Dwarf 2 with sets": Use this if:
 - you work with variants (not yet avail in dwarf 3, will be fixed at some point)
 - you need to often switch between the new FpDebug and the old GDB
    -> pro: GDB currently has the better disassembler, and gdb currently often has better stack WHILE your app is in the Win-Kernel
    -> contra: GDB occasionally crashes.

"Dwarf 3": Best setting, unless one of the above condition applies to you.

The main diffs between the 3 settings are the display of some types. E.g. AnsiString may be displayed as PChar when using "dwarf 2 with/without". (though this may be OS dependent)
As for the big issues, like "property" inspection => all 3 are equal.


for the info.


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About the new dialog:

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