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Problem with diacritics

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Hi Group !
No diacritics in the IDE, such as ĄĆŁŃŚó ... etc.
What should I do to be able to use these characters?
I can't find it anywhere in SETTINGS

a ) System / fpc / Lazarus ?
b ) In strings no problem here, in code for names,... forbidden

I use win10/64  with en/de/gr Keyboard Layout . It depends only my keyboardlayout

Is your sourcecodefile UTF-8. Tools-> Convert Encoding of Project/Package

a ) Lazarus
b ) in string only.For example ShowMessage('Ó'); // and i see Online Package Manager ;-))

My codepage is UTF-8

Might be a question of how you enter the extended characters ?
Perhaps -



--- Quote from: Xatrix on March 08, 2022, 11:03:51 am ---a ) Lazarus
--- End quote ---

That wasn't an "either or" question, but you were asked to name all three, your system, your FPC version and your Lazarus version (and in case of Lazarus also whether you use Qt or GTK2/3 if you're on a platform that uses any of these).


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