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Anyone wants to share an interesting/cool embedded Pascal project?

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The list of simple but interesting Arduino based projects are near infinite.  Where are the cool embedded Pascal projects hiding?

Please feel free to share!

I think that the real problem is that the value of the Arduino infrastructure is the libraries it's accumulated, which generally speaking assume C++ calling conventions and name mnagling.


See the Wiki: AVR Embedded Tutorials.

@Mark, yes the Arduino library ecosystem is very handy, but a lot of things like flashing an LED, reading a pin, using timers and so forth is easy enough to code from scratch in Pascal. This should be enough to tackle simple projects.


--- Quote from: trev on February 26, 2022, 10:19:37 pm ---See the Wiki: AVR Embedded Tutorials.

--- End quote ---
The tutorial section is a good reference, but not what I think will inspire people to tackle some embedded idea in Pascal. I'm hoping to see projects like a line following robot or drone control firmware, written in Pascal...


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