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Application stops after sevral weeks


I have 2 apps running 24/7, 1 on a Banana Pi, the other on a laptop running Mint 18.
Both applications stop after a few weeks. The app on the Pi can be restarted, for the other I need to reboot the laptop, otherwise the serial communication with an Arduino does not work anymore.
Anyone an idea?

The reboot thing is most likely not the apps fault, but an OS problem.

As for the BPi thingy, try to find out more about its memory usage. (vmstat/top, maybe running with -gh and/or valgrinding)

First thing is to research whether anybody else has similar problems on the BPi in case some implementation detail of their kernel or standard libraries/daemons is broken.

Second thing is to find out the precise runtime, and to investigate how many milli/micro/seconds etc. that is. The usual thing for this to happen is a rollover, it's particularly pernicious if the timestamp (etc.) is signed but there's a way to write comparisons to minimise the problem.

Assuming Linux on the laptop, the situation where it needs to be rebooted is probably because a USB-connected serial port has moved from e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/ttyUSB1, which suggests that the kernel thinks that the original device hasn't been released cleanly. I'd expect that you could fix that by forcibly-unloading the relevant kernel module.


Simple, you are running out 32 bit resolution.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll work on it. May take many weeks before I'll be back


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