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Would this be worth to be added to the IndustrialStuff package?
(screenshot in attachment)

Certainly. Upload the code so that I can have a look.

I am not finished yet. There are graphic glitches.

The original code is LCDLine for Delphi, from Yuriy Tereshchenko, and it is an LCD screen with just one line of text (also scrollable).
This one is already ported to Lazarus (Avra ported the CodeTyphoon component).

I have added multi-line functionality, but it isn't ready yet.
Also, in original component is no license for the source code. Dunno how to publish a derived code.

There is another, better component - LCDScreen, but the CodeTyphoon's port from Delphi (and also Avra's port to Lazarus) are far from perfect. TBitmap.ScanLine is used, and this one renders the display in Lazarus port wrong.

Next step for me is to clean up the code (scrolling is not a thing for multi-line screen), and I'll upload the code after that.

Thank you for working on these components. Just take your time and upload the code when you feel to be finished. Then I'll have a look and add it to CCR and, after a grace period for testing, to OPM.

As for the license, we should try to find the original units (CodeTyphon often drops the original authors) and check if there is some license information or a contact address (*). Maybe we should contact the original author and see if he accepts a license such as the LGPL with linking exception or similar (LGPL w/linking exception is my favourite because it is the same as used by the Lazarus LCL).

(*) There are an LCDInfo and an LCDScreen on torry (

Torry's: LCDLine v1.00 by Uta Tera is the component I am porting/extending. In the source files is Yuriy Tereshtcheno mentioned as the author. The comments in the source code are written in Russian (no problem to read for me).

Torry's LCDScreen v3.00 by Jacques Voirin is the problematic one with TBitmap.ScanLine

I'll get back to this next week when I get back from vacation.


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