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I have added Flash function to the AdvLed.
Because at Lazarus CCR nobody cares to answer my question how to contribute the code, I'll just upload it here.

Flash function will flash the LED for the specified time (in milliseconds).
I use it to visualize the ongoing communication on the serial port. This way the user has some feedback if any communication is happening or not.

Maybe you can post this in the Lazarus-CCR bugtracker (see link on the panel on the left)?


Thanks Bart, I'll try as you suggested.

Don't post on the CCR sourceforge forum/tickets/feature requests etc - there is so little activity that I only rarely look if there is anything new.

Committed your patch with small modifications:

- added a Toggle() method which switches OFF to ON and ON to OFF (but only when LED is not disabled).
- added a "flash-from-ON-to-OFF" feature (you only provided "flash-from-OFF-to-ON")
- Flash() is ignored when LED.State is disabled.

I also added a demo project to show the features of the TAdvLED

Thanks wp.


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