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Forest and lumber jack tools
« on: February 15, 2022, 06:41:28 pm »
In the "Example projects window" thread I mentioned my new tools and a forest I bought.,57680.msg434491.html#msg434491
Not related to Pascal programming but I guess some more info here in Miscellaneous->Other is OK.

So, I bought a longer 18" Husqvarna X-Force bar and X-Cut chain for my Jonsered chain saw. Here is its first cut :
The cut diameter of that spruce tree was about half a meter. A longer bar + chain makes cutting easier.
I got a narrow 1.3 mm version of the 18" bar and chain. Traditionally such long bars+chains are 1.5 mm wide.
It requires less power from the saw. In essence the saw feels more powerful then. Makes a good combination with Jonsered CS 2152.

Serious power tool! Can I rent it? We have a piece of forest in Lithuania (inherited, 7 Ha) Should be right next door across the Baltic  :D
( Now playing "when I'am 64" have to wait till Monday....)
You have more forest than I have. True, Lithuania is not very far but its climate is already more southern and the tree fauna slightly different.

Here are some pictures of my property :

Block 4 in the first picture requires thinning. Such a dense forest is caused by clearcutting + planting new trees.
Another part has young spruces planted after a clearcut. Typical mess with birch and willow taking over. The small spruces must be tended initially.
Part is old swamp with ditches. It is beneficial to have forest growing there constantly as trees suck and evaporate water.
I will not do clearcutting. Instead I will remove selected trees and let the forest renew naturally. I will learn technical details about it.
The idea is not to maximize financial profit. It gives me free hands to experiment.
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Re: Forest and lumber jack tools
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2022, 07:54:43 pm »
We gave away the profits to one of the villagers for now. My Wife and I live in the Netherlands, but will retire in Lithuania.
Add some pictures later...
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Re: Forest and lumber jack tools
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2022, 11:23:31 pm »
We live in whats called greybox forest in Central Victoria, AU, have about 4 Ha of mostly less than 100 year old trees, a few old ones that escaped the timber cutters during the gold rush. I am only permitted to cut down a tree that is too close to the house for fire safety, big issue here !

We keep the house warm in Winter with trees that were knocked down (with a permit) some 12 years ago to build the house and with what falls naturally.

All our wood here is hardwood, excellent firewood but tough on chainsaws, while I have used a thin chain model, I prefer the 'normal', thicker one, lasts a lot longer in our case here.

We have a lot of wildlife here, kangaroos go past lougeroom window twice a day, many smaller animals, even a few Eastern Brown snakes. And ants, they are more the problem.

I would live no where else on Earth, hope your (both) plans work out.

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Angry Bird
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2022, 11:09:23 pm »
Things that keep me busy:

The forest lumber jack activities are going on well, except that in the summer heat I don't feel like working there. The protective clothing adds to the warmth. I admit my age (60 years) affects already. I can lift heavy logs but then I must catch breath for a while.

Yesterday Friday a strange thing happened. A Western Capercaillie, or Wood Grouse (Tetrao urogallus) attacked me in a blueberry forest. It chased me for many hours and finally got so agressive that I had to leave the forest. I even didn't get my bucket full.
This is so annoying, why can't I even pick blueberries in peace?
A picture:
Then hours later it gets very agressive:
It even tried to block my way out when I left the forest. It flew and landed in front of me so I had to change my route.

Usually they are agressive at spring time during the mating season. Now it is August, what is going on?
Maybe it saw me as the only alpha-male around and chose to challenge me.  :)

There are many videos of those birds attacking people and cars and anything that moves. For example:
The attacks are serious. This guy wears ice hockey (or motocross) protective gear, but without such protection the bird can cause real damage!
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Re: Forest and lumber jack tools
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2022, 10:04:53 am »

We have capercaillie here, they look similar to your picture.
I think after this Summer you might hang up the husqvarna, at least until our biosphere recovers a bit, but don't hold your breath.
Everything living in our woods are terrified of people.
Wood pigeons, badgers, foxes, ... just about anything that moves.
A sad indictment for humanity and how we disrespect and terrorize everything around us, including our own species.
If you get chased every now and then by some bird, then respect it's bravery for putting it's head above the parapet.
Oh!.. sorry.. location:Scotland, I nearly forgot that.


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Re: Forest and lumber jack tools
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2022, 11:47:28 am »
My son studied in Scotland and likes it very much.
I know what you mean. I love nature. I was partly thrilled and entranced by seeing the big bird, partly annoyed, partly scared. Yes. :)

It may sound strange but cutting part of the trees off now makes the forest healthier. The very dense forest block is caused by an earlier clearcut and then planting seedlings, all having the same age and size. When they grow, they don't have enough light. Some die, the rest have green parts only at the top. They are not healthy.
It does not happen in a natural forest. There every seedling must compete for light and other resources againsts trees of different ages and sizes. When a big old tree dies and falls, small trees take over the space.
People can live with forests and use them without causing big damage. Cutting down some selected trees is fine. Some very big trees can be left there to die and rot naturally. It again improves biodiversity.
Clearcutting and monocultures are truly evil. I will not do that in my forest. A healthy forest is my goal.

This may look almost like clearcutting but is not :)
and it goes on ...
Nicely piled without machine power. Now some light can enter the forest floor.

I have studied and followed permaculture principles in gardening although at very small scale now. I will have more garden space later.
I have also learned that we are fed lies about many environment issues. One is the carbon dioxide hoax. In reality the added CO2 does not affect temperature much but it is very beneficial to biology. Plants suffer from a chronic lack of CO2. The more the better.
Another blatant lie is the demonization of cattle, ruminants. Their farts make the ecosystem collapse! Yeah right ...
In reality grazing more cattle following a certain technique is the only way to restore the soil depleted by modern agriculture. Grasses, ruminant herds and predators have formed a symbiosis during millions of years. It has created the thick black soils in north-America and in Eurasia. Similar ruminant herd movements can now be simulated by electric fences etc.
Study Allan Savory, Regenerative Farming (eg. Gabe Brown) etc.
There is an evil agenda behind those lies. Beware! I would love to explain this topic more but this may not be the right forum.
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