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Siege of Avalon: Anthology - open source pascal game


I've found this game, (steam link:
Seems like a really interesting action rpg, reminded me of Diablo  >:D
Developed with Delphi, but maybe possible to change it to compile with Free Pascal. Anyone here ever tried it on Free Pascal?

I also found this old game some time ago by looking for other good games implemented in Pascal on There are few more there.
The version which was recently released into steam and isn't only one fork on github. It seems that there are several levels of forks developed over years:

And the original released source code is also available from CVS

So the question is which code should be used as a starting point. There were some attempts to convert the game to Lazarus/FPC. See the description I didn't try that yet.

It would be nice to port this game to Lazarus so it can be also run under Linux natively. I wouldn't play that game probably but still it would be nice exercise to complete full conversion and it would be eventually possible to release it into Ubuntu snap store for Linux.
There are not many complex open source games written in Pascal and developed/converted to Lazarus/FPC

Thank you Chronos! I'll take a look at those forks and the other links. Have a nice day!

Cool.  It is a lot to research and a very few time but...


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