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[Closed] Question about Names for some color options.

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--- Quote from: Martin_fr on February 14, 2022, 04:50:59 pm ---If you opened the IDE options, and (in the option for the editor) you would find Color-picker (drop-downs) with the following names:
"Main Caret"
"Other Carets"

What would you think they do?

--- End quote ---

If the main caret is the editor caret, change it to editor caret. Other carets maybe are simply in any place like search box of the object inspector for example.


The feedback on the word "caret" itself was a bit of a surprise. While aware of the extra meanings, I did not consider that the association with
   "Currently Active Revised Edit Target"
would be anything less than immediate.

As for "Others", that was the bit I wanted to test, in order to see how many would associate it with the "multi-caret" mode of the editor.

Thanks to all.


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