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KOL-CE unicode, fonts etc.
« on: November 02, 2008, 06:23:11 pm »

starting to do something with Lazarus & KOL-CE. Many thanks for them.

Lazarus 0.9.26, with cross-wince-arm, FCP 2.2.2, KOL-CE 2.80.1
working on Win32 for Win Mobile 6 - smartphone

Have a few questions...

1) fonts under WinCE:
- when I place TKOLButton on form and select font i.e. "Curier New" to it, it is OK in designtime, but on emulator / real phone there is some default. Culd somebody explain me why?

If there isn't such font in WinCE, could I somehow place it into resources?

2) special chars support (i.e. Central European charset) under KOL-CE:

- take Fontenum example under Win32 target and see - StringGrid doesn't show special chars lines (last 3). But when I (user) wrote some special chars during runtime, they will stay there (and looks fine). Again: could anybody explain this, please?

- same example, same target platform - when I place button in designtime and set its caption with some special chars in - in runtime it is everything ok.

- but KOL-CE: when I place TKOLButton on form and set same special chars as before, in designtime is everything ok again. In runtime NOT (looks like two byte chars shown byte by byte).

Please, anyone knows some solution for this?
Many thanks again,

p.s.: setting characterset = 0 (ANSI), 4(UNICODE), 6(ISO-8859-2) had no effect. Setting language and charset in Version info at Project options resulted in compilation error - no resources (for arm-wince target)... Tried Arial Unicode MS, Courier, Courier New and default (MS Sans Serif) fonts.


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RE: KOL-CE unicode, fonts etc.
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2008, 03:36:36 pm »
First of all install newly released KOL-CE 2.80.2

It seems smartphones have limited number of fonts. I do not know font names for smartphones.

You should add -Fcutf8 compiler option for your project in order to properly handle unicode text.


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