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Keyboard AltGr key

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Well his key bindings must be set to the correct language, if it works in other apps.

Good point about VM, etc.   @MaxCuriosus: Please mention if this is running in a VM, or in via any sort of remote connection.
There are known issues with at least one remote tool, where some keycodes are sent in an (according to my research) "undocumented" way. But 99% of apps ignore this, and work. Unfortunately LCL is in the list of those affected. (I don't recall the details...)

I don't think the IDE has anything on ctrl+alt+2 (But you can check in the keymapping (tools > options > editor > keymapping). So the IDE should not be "eating" this key stroke.
Btw, the key-mapping page also has a "capture key" tool. You could check what the LCL records for your ctrl+alt+2

Beyond this, there may be prior bug reports. You may want to search the issue tracker.

In the context of other keyboard issues....

--- Quote from: Martin_fr on September 14, 2019, 12:07:42 pm ---I had a look, for more verbose logging, compile the IDE with
-dVerboseKeyboard -dVerboseKeys

and (if compiles) -dVerboseModifiermap

There are also alternative implementations, but they are ages old, and likely will not compile / And I have no idea what they do, or if they will affect you (if they still work....)


--- End quote ---

And then run the IDE from a terminal to see any output (or use --debug-log=filename

Though I can't promise that much will come from this. If it reveals an issue, it can at least be reported with some information to it.
I wont be able to do much about it myself.

take a look at the attached keyboard layout as seen by the Debian OS. It does correspond to the physical layout of the keyboard.

I can get the special characters in various applications, including

GNOME Terminal
Nautilus (default file manager of the GNOME desktop)

The behavior is the same with another similar keyboard (different make and model).
The bahavior is also the same regardless of the OS installation language, en-US or otherwise.

no VM, no remote connection, it's a plain vanilla system configuration, so to speak.
Keymapping doesn't show anything unusual (default installation configuration) and nothing for Alt+Ctrl+2.
I've noticed the problem with the Lazarus editor but in a running application, using for instance a component like TEdit, it works fine.

TEdit maps directly into a gtk2 widget.

TSynEdit, any TCustomControl, any OnKeyPress event, ... they have different key handling.

Now, wild suggestion. I suspect this issue is a about getting the extended characters ?   If not, please stop reading.

Does it do the extended characters via the "compose Key" method ? I ask because I have never heard of a AltGr key and I don't use extended characters.

This bug points out that Lazarus components don't handle the compose key approach correctly, with each component seeming to deliver its own special error. Its a UTF8 issue I understand.



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