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Keyboard AltGr key

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--- Quote from: Martin_fr on February 08, 2022, 05:40:36 pm ---Probably a "dead key" (but that is really a wild guess). "dead keys" are e.g. on some keyboards accents, which you press (and release, you do not hold them) and then the next key will produce an accented char...

--- End quote ---

I think it's necessary to distinguish between "dead" in the ASCII (etc.) sense and "dead" in the scancode sense.

I looked at this in some detail when doing an APL-capable terminal emulator, and as I've already said the detail varied between widget sets.


ok, seems maybe normal for Linux.

On my Fedore AltGr 2 give ² (superpositioned 2).
This works in the IDE too.

And indeed the IDE says, that AltGr is Alt + 0xE3


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