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Cant reply to a topic


Remy Lebeau:
I want to reply to this topic, but there are no Quote or Reply buttons!  But there are other replies in the topic, so it must be possible. Is there a permission missing?

If I go into the parent group, there is no button to create a new topic.

But, if I then go into any of its child groups, I can post/reply in there just fine.


--- Quote from: Remy Lebeau on February 04, 2022, 06:52:57 pm ---[…] Is there a permission missing?
--- End quote ---
Yes, it’s a permission thing. I can’t post there either.

I sometimes could not respond to topics which users incidentally had locked. I clicked "report to moderator" and asked to unlock the post. This probably helps here, too.

The board is intentionally read only. It is just to hold the relevant sub-boards.

However there are 2 topics in it. I suspect they topic were moved there.
The topics will have to be moved into the correct sub-boards.

I had a look, if I could add the permission to reply (which would not cause harm by itself) for the meantime. But that is more work, than it's worth.

I sent pm to trev, who moved the topic.


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