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--- Quote from: peter-1 on January 31, 2022, 03:47:39 pm ---it all worked fine in TurboPascal under WIN98, WINXP or old DOS. I only have to create a UNIT and cannot run the program like this.

--- End quote ---

Free Pascal does not generate TPUs. Instead the compiled variants of units consist each of a .ppu and a .o, so in your case look for a DIA_TPU.ppu and DIA_TPU.o (both are important if you want to store them somewhere).

OK !
Thank you, thank you, thank you ! :D
That was my stupid mistake. Now it works !

[Chuckle] The problem is that we all interpreted what you were saying as that it didn't save a .exe anywhere... which is why I started off from the position of not even assuming that you were running FPC.



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