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[SOLVED] Linux 19.3 32 bit QT4


I use a Linux Mint 19.3 32 VM to compile 32 bit apps. I had Lazarus 2.2 installed with the intention of using QT5, but it got messy and the 2.2 version breaks some components in one of my projects. So I've now installed Lazarus 2.0.12 as that does at least allow me at least to compile using QT4 which is sufficient for my needs.
My question is what support files are needed to allow the app to run in a 'clean' Linux Mint 32 bit environment ?. I know in my main Linux 64 bit OS I can compile using QT5, all the user has to do is type 'sudo apt-get install libqt5pas1' in the terminal, so is there an equivalent for QT4 ?? I've trawled Google until my eyes bled and still not come up with an answer, there must be something.

libqt4pas is for qt4....and libqt4pas-dev for development machine


--- Quote from: zeljko on January 29, 2022, 08:11:01 pm ---libqt4pas is for qt4....and libqt4pas-dev for development machine

--- End quote ---

Thanks for this reply. I still couldn't find libqt4pas, but I did find libqt4pas5_2.5-18_i386.deb from , and this worked a treat, just what I was after.
Thanks for putting me on the right track zeljko  ;)


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