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[SOLVED] Linux 19.3 32 bit QT5

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Hmm, I have one 64bit Linux VM that has everything needed to generate binaries for Linux and Windows in both 64bit and 32bit. And Armhf. And so, at testing and release time, one script to package all except the MacOS.

I have described it all on the cross compiling wiki page and, from time to time, rebuild it all using those instructions. So, if you have problems, I would be keen to work through them with you so to improve the documentation.

Once setup, its a delight to use.



--- Quote from: dbannon on February 01, 2022, 12:09:05 am ---.....I have described it all on the cross compiling wiki page......

--- End quote ---
That could be interesting, could you post the link to your wiki page please  8)

Not MY page petevick, the FPC/Lazarus wiki page -

While I have put a bit in there in the last 12 months, a lot of people have gone before me !

My current "build VM" is an Ubuntu20.04 but I am considering replacing it with a Debian Bullseye one, Ubuntu is loosing its favourite status in my books.  IMHO, you should reserve about 30G of diskspace in a Virtual Box VM, even more maybe given you don't loose the space until its used in the VM.

Thanks for that Davo, I'll go give it a look.


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