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Toolbar button not returning from pressed state.

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Toolbar buttons appear as not returned to "unpressed" state after clicking them to show a messagedialog and dialog has gone away.  When mouse pointer is moved inside main form, the toolbutton reacts and appears without the "pressed" frame around it.

Is there a workaround for this? Is it a bug?

Small demo of the problem attached.

I'm assuming Linux, but which widget set and window manager?

at a guess: you're in the Click-Event calling a modal MessageDlg, which stops execution of code as long the Dialog is not answered.
Have you tried using the MouseUp-Event instead of Click?

Widgetset is GTK2. Window manager is KWin. (KDE Plasma default)

@Zvoni: this remains after the message dialog has gone away.

I tried putting the code for the dialog in the MouseUp event, but same thing happens.

Moving the mouse a little returns the button to normal.


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