Author Topic: Indy TidIRC trouble ( NOTICE AUTH :*** No ident response )  (Read 6745 times)


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Indy TidIRC trouble ( NOTICE AUTH :*** No ident response )
« on: October 03, 2008, 08:47:49 am »
Hi all

i'm trying to make a chat client like application.
So im svn lazarus plus Indy for lazarus that i fund here:

i think that this version ( indy- ) is the most up to date on the internet from now (wish)
After download and install, im using the TidIRC object from indy

i made a simple gui that using it, i can connect to irc host but its after that i can't Checking Ident

you can download it at: 900k

a win32 exe is join in the zip (strip + upx)

This what i get from the server i try to connect via my little demo

You are connected!
USER Peter 0 * :
NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname
NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking Ident
PING :3733156489
NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname
NOTICE AUTH :*** No ident response
513 MrFPC :Your client may not be compatible with this server.
513 MrFPC :Compatible clients are available at
ERROR :Closing Link: MrFPC by (Registration Timeout)

i see a TidIdent objet from indy too but i dont know how make it work with TidIRC

If someone can help me to make it pass the dam Checking Ident i will be realy happy


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