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Trying to contribute to the Wiki, Translations needed, and if yes, how to do?

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--- Quote from: Nimral on January 31, 2022, 03:19:56 pm ---
--- Quote from: af0815 on January 28, 2022, 10:13:26 am ---For me one and only goal is - WITHOUT a tool for controling the changes AND the state of other languages in relation - any diskussion is meaningless.

--- End quote ---
"Any" is always such an absolute term. Sorry if I bug you once more, I have already done so in other threads, but I think your approach is only one of many, and it is the most labour intensive one, and would, btw, require the wiki servers migrated to a newer version of the Mediawiki.

--- End quote ---
Sometimes you must migrate to a newer version, because the version is outdated and unsupported and this is the time to implement newer techniques.

:-) I'd rather start right now to "Make Pascal Great Again" with what is at hand :-)

If the wiki servers get updated in the future, great, I'll happily work with whatever is provided then.


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