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installing on MAC OSX 12, intel chip


I have installed fpc-3.2.2.intelarm64-macosx.dmg, fps-src-3.2.2-20210909-macosx.dmg & Lazarus-2.2.0-0-x86_64-macosx.pkg. on a MacBook running Monterey
When I open Lazarus, the app opens with no errors.  As a test I added a button to the form, set a caption and added an on-click event.  After saving, when I attempted to run the Application I get errors: Initialization output:
error: unknown option: -silent
error: unknown option: -i
error: unknown option: -nx
I am v new to Lazarus IDE and would appreciate some help.

I suspect you did not setup the debugger. Please see Step 5 in my Wiki article Installing Lazarus on macOS.

Alternatively, run without the debugger by choosing IDE > Run > Run without debugging.

BTW, it's macOS (previously marketed as Mac OS X until 2012 and OS X until 2016).

thank you so much for the prompt response- configuring the debugger worked a treat.

No worries. Glad to have helped.


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