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Capture Frame from camera in Windows

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 Hi everybody,

 Working with Lazarus Pascal 2.012 FPC 2.3.0 on Windows, Linux and MacOS

Is there a good solution to grab a frame from a camera in windows with examples.

In Linux I have the 5dpo Component Library TSdpoVideo4L2 that work fine and easy to grab a frame from a WebCam,
but I didn't found an equivalent for Windows where all solution depends of external programs like VLC or MPlay...

Thank you.

In windows you can use directshow for it.


What library do I need?
I'm on Windows 64 Bits.

Do you have an example for Lazarus?

Thank you.

i'm too. For me this works.

Sone info. Look for DSPack.

There are some Libs like RVMedia, this works too, but is not for free, but have a good support,46562.msg355599.html#msg355599


Thank you,

I also fond the DSPack library, but not a working example.

All I found was for Delphy and there are some missing Definition (or different)

I'll look at your link.

I'm converting one of my C# program to Pascal Lazarus (3D digitizer with a camera and 4 lasers)
On Linux, I have a library that can grab frames from a WebCam,
but I'm also looking for a similar Windows solution.


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