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problem with TPageControl


Hi All,

I need some help on TPageControl. I don't have experience with it, but what I'm seeing I don't understand. I have eight tabs on the form. The PageIndex numbers for these, in the object inspector at layout time, go from 0 to 7.  The tab with PageIndex 0 is on the extreme left. I have put a bunch of widgets on that tab and spent quite a bit of time getting everything aligned. But when I compile the project, the runtime form has the tab with PageIndex 1 on the extreme left, and the tab with PageIndex 0 to its right. :o Is this a bug? Is there anyway (to maybe edit the .lfm or something) to get the expected positioning of the tabs?

thanks for advice.


Lazarus 2.0.8 (win)  :-\

Okay, sorry for the disruption, I didn't notice the context menus available in object inspector and the layout form. I got it straight now, I think. There is more control than I expected.

thanks, :)



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