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ASCII roguelike - Axes, Armour & Ale


I'm a big fan of the roguelike genre of games, turn-based dungeon crawlers like Rogue, Nethack, ADOM etc.
A feature of roguelike games that I like is their use of ASCII to represent the game world, rather than graphics. As a player it means that I can use my imagination to fill in the blanks, as a developer it means that I can focus on writing code rather than trying to draw everything.

My Free Pascal game Axes, Armour & Ale is currently at an alpha state, it's possible to explore a couple of floors in a cave, find a stolen map and return it to the surface. Some basic weapons and armour are available, damage can be healed by drinking ale which has the effect of impairing your ability to fight.

The cave is procedurally generated each time using cellular automata, with plans to add several dungeons and caves to explore on a procedurally generated overworld. But for now it's just a simple hack, slash, die, repeat kinda game.

Code and binaries for Windows, Linux & OSX are available at





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