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GetProcAdress returns valid pointer but execution returns: "External exception:"

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take this image now pls, i have created a new project and did some adjusments, atleast now i get back a valid and found lib and a proc-adress! its no longer nil!

But same issue as my first post: External Exception 0434352  %) %)

32bit or 64bit dll?

Would be nice if you explain the adjusments you did?


I have to appologize for my stupidness sometimes, I fixed it and made it work :)

I pepega took a x86 .dll (i had it set some ages ago in my setting -.-- and forgot to change it back to x64...) into pascal folder where the default target of the compiler only understands x86...

So yea...

Sry for that, i need to be more careful on the surrounding-settings before i start coding a programm/Idea, I always tend to take that to lightweight and forget the smallest thing when coding are often settings/configurations.

Can actually some1 tell me: Why cant FPC understand a x86 library? or execute my function of such a lib/.dll?

since 32-bit is less than 64 ofc, and since im not asking more than the environment allows to, he should be fine right?

i dont understand that quite.


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