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how to use the units -no information about this

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Hi All,

in source menu we can add units to uses section but for most of the units there is no information how to use it
could anyone help us ,where to find these information and how can we use these units in our programs.

thanks  :D

If the units are seemingly undocumented, the sourcecode itself is the documentation. And FPC comes with all sourcecode for all packages and all units (100%). Often Google fpc <unitname> is enough if you are really stuck. Or the wiki.
Note it is not an ideal world, many units indeed lack outside documentation, but members of this forrum usually come up with examples when you ask a specific question about a specific unit.

thanks Thaddy for quick reply ,
yes true a lot of units have no information about using it , but is there any method or a way to learn about units , for example you have mentioned the source code itself but i think it is complicated for new person to figure out how to convert it to a sample


Well, just ask on the forum... If a unit is unclear to you, there are ions of experience available here and beginners will never be ignored.. Often the people who wrote such a unit in the first place 8) are here as well.

alaa123456789 are you asking:
  (a) how do I add units to my application(s)? or
  (b) how do I use the units included with fpc &/or lazarus?

If (b) then I'd recommend what Thaddy wrote (ask the forum; usually about a particular function, procedure or component); if (a) then have a look at chapter 16 in the fpc pascal reference guide (

There are also numerous (PDF) books that give information about (a) and (b). :)



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