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GIS Library for Lazarus

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Hello guys,
First of all, thanks to everyone who created and is suportting this nice IDE.
I'm really interested to know if it's possible to read/write GIS Shape File via Lazarus ??

Already, I have done with C# and this library :

It's great if I will do it with Lazarus like write Point or Polygon shapefile or read Polygon on form.

If you're specifically talking about the files then I think the search term you need is ESRI.

There's various links in which might be worth following up.

In general, I'd expect most libraries written in C to be fairly easily accessible.

Also where I see at least one interesting reference to Object Pascal.


I had seen the topics before I posted. All the topics are old and I couldn't find any useful information. I just wanted to know if someone has ever experienced it in practical.


I have a component TShapeObj that can read/write shapefiles, I can attach it, if you are interested.
As I live in Sweden, comments are moustly in swedish, but I guess you can figure out how to use it.
Maybe there is dependencies that I've not been aware of, but a starting point I think you can use it. :)

Thank you so much. Yes I'm really interested to have it, please attach the component. I will try to figute out how to use it.

I also want to know, can I show shapefile and the attribute of the shapefile on the form with the component?


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