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--- Quote from: Alex_Krivtsov on September 10, 2023, 09:09:28 pm --- But any OpenDialog.execute crached the Lazarus in the same way.

--- End quote ---

Have you tested with the new Lazarus 3.0 RC1 (or fixes branch)?

It is known, that (on some Windows installations) any app (including the IDE itself) that uses open/save/dir/... dialogs will hang.

However according to the reports, Lazarus 3.0 does not have the issue.

The call you show in your screen shot does not help to identify the issue.

The call to the interface will eventually end up in the W32 API. And Windows will handle the call.
Since the issue happens on some, but not all installations of Windows, it is likely that some shell-handler called by the OS, is triggering something that causes the issue. Though it could be anywhere else...


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