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Using 10 Fingers

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Me too, I learned typography when I was a child.  Now my students are amazed how fast I can write code.  A pain but very useful. 

I can type hundreds of digits on the numeric keypad in a few seconds without taking my eyes off the paper.

Unfortunately, I do not have this skill. Fortunately, most IDEs or code editors have a code completion feature, so I don't feel this painfully.

Originally I was only able to use a couple of fingers, but when I switched from QWERTZ (the German default layout) to NEO (German only, sorry) I was essentially forced to learn how to type blind, cause the characters on the keys didn't match the generated keys anyway. And yeah, that has greatly improved my writing speed and I can type without looking at the keyboard which in my opinion is quite an advantage. :)

Quality ("good"-ness) of programming is not related to "method of typing".

But, if you spent a lot of time on the keyboard, 10 fingers (combined with an ergonomic keyboard) can be an advantage.
That is, if for you "not 10 finger" means a lot of looking down to the keyboard. As this can put a lot of strain on your neck.
Yet 10 fingers on a "normal" (not ergonomic) keyboard can be bad for your wrists.

Switching keyboard layout (e.g. to Dovrak) can help with the learning. But, if you are not on your own PC, then you want be able to do 10 fingers. (and probably be slower, than today, as you have less exercise in the old way of typing)


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