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Hi All,
Does a good programmer have to know how to type "10 fingers"? I would be glad if the masters give their opinions. Respects.

I have been programming for ~40 years, and a few times a year i think that I should learn to do that. It seems very useful. Then again, not being able to type with 10 fingers isn't holding me back and I spend a lot of time pressing keys other than just alphanumeric ones by themselves.

As I am still learning to be a good programmer, I can't say for sure. But I personally think a good programmer is a programmer who is open to try new ideas, diligent in improving his knowledge and has good logical thinking.

I learned 10 fingers typing skill in my school and I can type very fast. As I spend a lot of time writing and improving my source codes, able to type fast is very important. But, it is only a bonus, the most important 'things' to be a good programmers are those I mentioned previously.

Hey, it is not hard to learn 10 fingers typing technique. I used to be a part-time teacher. If you spend 30 minutes or more everyday following the correct lessons, you should be able to type 10 fingers in less than a month. All my students were able achieved it in less than 3 weeks.

I learned to type with ten fingers a long time ago and it was a painful process. It took approximately six month to be good at it, the temptation was always there to switch back to two fingers. As a side note, remember that a programmer who types with ten fingers is a fast programmer not necessarily a good one.  :)

Typing with 10 fingers and especially without looking at the keyboard is an important advantage. You can do your work faster and more comfortably. Maybe not essential, but a good advantage.


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