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gmp is now lgpl licensed so suitable for inclusion in fpc.
Does anybody know if there are already recent Pascal bindings?/
I know gnu-pascal has one, but that is too old to translate or copy and adapt.
Main reason I ask is that it is highly optimized and I already use it in C++.

I just found this one:


--- Quote from: Alextp on January 07, 2022, 12:41:07 pm ---I just found this one:

--- End quote ---
Ok, will check that out. If it works I do not have to do all the work myself ;)
That was the reason I asked. Tnx.
Version 6 also satisfies the lgpl requirement. (Actually from version 6 and higher)


--- Quote from: Thaddy on January 07, 2022, 12:39:05 pm ---gmp is now lgpl licensed so suitable for inclusion in fpc.
--- End quote ---

Header translations themselves are (more or less) always suitable for inclusion which is why FPC has the GMP headers for around 13 years already. ::) (though they might benefit from an update if the API changed significantly in that time)

Those headers are still for versions that are just gpl. Only from version 6 the license is extended to lgpl for both gpl2 and gpl3. That is important to have headers for the lgpl binaries.
[edit] Oh I see that lgpl is mentioned in the headers, anyway the implementation is not complete.


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