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Lazarus 2.2.0: Secondary installation with local configuration?

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My config directory is: D:\Windows\Programy\Lazarus\config

But it wants to write configuration to Users directory.

How can I change config directory for this part of Lazarus to my portable directory?

You may want to ask this question under a different "subject".
I don't know if the IDE has any settings to tweak fppkg.

And if not in the IDE, then this is FPC specific (fppkg is part of FPC)

Maybe you can wrap fppkg into a script.
fppkg seems to take a command line option with the location of the config.

This is configuration test after first start. I didn't realize I hadn't added the main image.

All configurations is ok, but configuration for FpPkg is in local directory, but I installed Lazarus as secondary installation with config directory in Lazarus directory.

Upper image you will see after click to "Restore Fppkg configuration".


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