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Hi everyone!

Does anyone know how to import my data.csv into TChart.

Thank you

What do you want to achieve?

Your data file contains columns x,y,z, and it seems to that you want to create a 3D plot of points at height z above the xy plane. This is not supported. There is some experimental work about contour and color map plots, though. Search the forum.

Or do you want to plot y vs x and z vs x? See my attached demo for this.

I create a small demo with Python.
I create x,y, z data:
x= latitude
y= longitude
z= data
        x = data[:, 0] 
        y = data[:, 1] - 
        z = data[:, 2]-  ..
        xll = x.min();
        xul = x.max();
        yll = y.min();
        yul = y.max()

... and interpolate griddata method by Cubic. I tried to kriging too.

As I said: this kind of mapping is not yet supported. Use the mapinterpolation link on the other post (,57507.msg427700.html#msg427700).

Yes. I tried your demo. But doesent work with my data.
then I stay with the python.
Thank u.


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