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Any Lazarus-compatible map library for using maps from Google/Bing/any other?

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I've been searching for a library for using maps rendered from google/bing or any other provider. I've found LazMapViewer, but I'm not sure if there is no other better solution.

The base problem is that I'm not familiar with lazarus package managers - in PHP I have composer, so I can quickly download dependencies without commiting them to git - is there something like that in Lazarus? If so, is there any good and valuable map component, that I could use in commercial applications without publishing the source code?

Search in lazarus->menu>package>Online Package Manager for LazMapViewer or here on this website click on Packages(OPM) and search on the new page for  LazMapViewer.

Online Package Manager installs it automatically.

I've checked LazMapViewer a while ago, and it's bugged as hell.
Is there any other package/library to display map with optional points pinned on it?



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I won't be paying that much for a thing I cant try out.
Probably will stick to the LazMapViewer... But I have a problem with changing to Google Maps engine or any other. When I try to change MapProvider property to any of the listed in Wiki, I get error 'Unknown provider [...]'. Any ideas how to bypass this?


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