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Lazarus has Synesthesia

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OK, this is really, really strange.

I'm using lazarus main, initially from last December, now from today. And my object inspector looks like the attached image. Note that properties like Left, PixelsPerInch, Top have a color ??

Sounds like Synesthesia to me, now, Lazarus is intelligent but so intelligent it starts having mental health issues ?  (Yeah, Synesthesia is not a Mental Health thing but ...).

I have created a new config, downloaded fresh source, rebooted, its always there, every project I open.

Go back to an older Lazarus (eg 2.2.0rc2) and its OK again.  What on earth is happening ? Anyone else seen anything like this ?

Linux U20.04, Lazarus-Main


What version of FPC are you using? Cause there was a recent change in both FPC and Lazarus that would explain why you're experiencing this.

fpc-3.2.3 from october last year.

But I am building Lazarus itself with 3.2.0 (I think, will check). I have not had a new FPC since October anyway.

EDIT: No, wrong, I am building Lazarus with that October 3.2.3 too.  I still have an 3.2.0 install, should I try it ?


If it should turn out that your Lazarus is build with 3.2.3 and not 3.2.0 then you should update your FPC, cause the change I mentioned was merged around a month ago. Only the latest 3.2.3 commit is considered supported and Lazarus only tests against the version number.
If you do indeed build Lazarus with 3.2.0 then we need to dig a bit more...


OK, thanks PD, I have rebuild with FPC3.2.0 and its fine, no problems. So, sounds like you are aware of whats happening, no bug report needed, I'll pull down a newer FPC tomorrow....

Thanks, that was quite interesting !

I'm trying to imagine what could go wrong in the compiler to produce that strange and very specific effect but still build everything else fine ??



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