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SOLVED FOR NOW! - Xdnd - Drag and Drop for Linux


Tony Stone:
I am trying to get some control over drag and drop operations in my Linux application(some day will support Windows too).  I have been doing a bit of research and still don't know where to start.  It seems that GTK has support for doing drag and drop system operations so I am sure what I want to do is possible EXCEPT I don't want to use the default drag behavior of an edit control.

If I select text in an edit control I can drop it in other applications as text and most other applications handle this.  I however do not want to use an edit control to set the data that is being dropped in other application.  I would like to use a shape, image, button or other component to allow user to initiate the drag operation and I want to set the data as a string type.  I dont really know how to access functions of GTK... but I found this article with lots of info.  If someone has a few minutes can they take a look and maybe get me in the right direction to implement the desired behavior?  Thanks

Update: seems to be the solution I was looking for!  There is issues setting properties with this component in the object inspector so I set the properties at run time.  But this allows me to drag a button and drop it in other applications as a string!   :D 8-)

Tony Stone:
So I may be all set.  I may have found a package for Native DND... I am gonna test it and report back so I dont waste anyones time.


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